Ultimatum Agreement Definition

Some Afghan forces were camped on the west bank of Kushk, and on 29 March General Komarov issued an ultimatum calling for their withdrawal. Rumours of this gigantic scheme reached Constantinople, and when Catherine`s threatening attitude made little doubt about her aggressive intentions, carried an ultimatum and eventually declared war (1787). That`s because Josh gave him an ultimatum… him or the goats. She [the manager] said she had to cover or leave, she gave me the ultimatum. And I said, „Well, in your politics, you hide from me, and I leave.“ And she told me I wasn`t right to cover up. That was their policy. And I said, „Well, you can call who you need to call, but I`m not leaving to breastfeed my son.“ „Since it is important for the maintenance of peaceful relations that hostilities do not begin without prior warning,“ the contracting powers agree to „recognize that hostilities between them cannot begin with a conditional declaration of war without prior and explicit warning in the form of a declaration of war, a statement of reasons or an ultimatum.“ Lyrics by ultimatum — Explore a wide range of song lyrics that will be presented by ultimatum on the Lyrics.com website. Europe gives us eight days? Where can you have the power to set a deadline or an ultimatum to a sovereign people? In August, an ultimatum was received by Chile, which requested arbitration.

The word is used in diplomacy to refer to the final conditions presented by one of the parties in negotiations to resolve a dispute dispute. It is accompanied by an allusion to how rejection should be considered. English diplomacy has skilfully developed the caveat that refusal is considered a „hostile act,“ a phrase that serves as a warning that the consequences of the breakdown of negotiations are viewed from the perspective of replacing an agreement. This opens up many possibilities, such as good offices, mediation, the appointment of a commission of inquiry, arbitration, retaliation, the Pacific blockade and war. [a] Our responsibility for the future of our country. This responsibility obliges us to respond to the ultimatum by the sovereign will of the Greek people. Under this convention, in the cases to which it refers, the alternative of the ultimatum is ipso facto an arbitration procedure and it is only when the terms of the agreement are set at zero that other measures can be applied. [2] I assume the United States will only give China an ultimatum. No wonder the U.S. yield curve is reversing. An ultimatum could also be used to legitimize military action.