Drain Build Over Agreements

If no construction agreement has been reached, the vendor should have a sewer line review and the records forward to the water company. If the water company is satisfied that the sewers are in good condition, they will give a consolation letter confirming that the sewers are in satisfactory condition. The comfort letter generally satisfies the buyer and its mortgage lender that the Water Company will not take any action to demolish the insulting structure over the public sewers. During and after construction, a construction control centre must generally confirm that the work complies with national construction standards (described in the H4 building code). The developer may choose to use a Local Authority Building Control (LABC) or an independent certified inspector for this assessment. Sometimes problems arise when owners try to sell their property, which is built in part or entirely through a public channel. Conservatories and extensions are the usual criminals. If a Build Over Agreement was not obtained when the work was done, then the water company has the legal right to enter the land to reach the canal, even if that means demolishing the building above the canal. However, if possible, the water company will avoid the damage and look for other ways to enter the sewers, but the risk remains. If a construction agreement has been reached, the water company has no right to remove or demolish the structure above the sewers. If you find that your project is located near or above a pipeline system, there are two ways to get permission from your local water association. These are…

How much does the app cost? It depends on the size of the sewers and whether your property is residential or commercial. Diameter Property Type Price Class 1 Up to 160mm (6)Housing 343 – Up to 160mm (6)Trade 687 Class 2,160mm (6″) to 375mm (15mm) Includes 687 Class 3 Plus 375mm (15″),“ including each 1,300 euros – There is also a legal fee for the conclusion of an agreement for very large sewers, usually in the region of $500. If you apply online, you can pay with your credit or debit card. If you apply, you can send us a cheque with your application form to Thames Water Utilities Ltd. Make sure the site address is on the back of the cheque. You can also opt for credit or debit card payment. We will then contact you to make the payment over the phone. For this reason, when expanding your home, you must first determine whether your future development is built above or near (within 3 meters) of a public canal. If so, you must obtain the approval of the remediation company concerned for your project to continue.

A construction agreement allows the water company to ensure that the work to be carried out will not adversely affect the underlying sewers and ensures that the water company continues to have sufficient access to the canal for repair and maintenance. If you plan to build nearby or via a public sewer, you should contact the water company before carrying out the work to determine its needs. This is why Thames Water`s construction contracts exist and are generally necessary for the proposed structure to receive a certificate of clearance of the construction code, also known as the „drawing“ of the building rules. A Thames Water Build over Agreement is a quality label for proposed work and will generally be required for all excavation work within 3 metres of a public canal or flow.