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Teachers who wish to promote Erasmus activities or obtain information on existing agreements should contact us: mobility for studies under the EU Erasmus programme allows you to study at a university or work on your final thesis with which Politecnico di Milano has entered into an exchange contract after at least a first year of study. At the end of your mobility period, the positive results you have achieved abroad will be recognized as an integral part of your studies. Erasmus mobility can be achieved in a European country participating in the programme (key action 103) or in a non-European partner country (key action 107). Politecnico di Milano has Erasmus agreements with more than 400 universities: The list of partner universities for your specific curriculum is on the map of partners Universities.To participate in the Erasmus programme and make a mobility abroad, you must participate in the Call for International Mobility published every year (mid-November) and selected. The selection will be based on performance requirements, particularly the grades and credits you have received during your academic career. After the selection, you can complete your mobility at the host institution and start where you will have the opportunity to take courses and take exams, with the guarantee of obtaining full recognition of credits acquired abroad in your career. English courses are taught at the master level. Politecnico di Milano offers 3-year licensing courses and 2-year master`s degrees. Advanced students (3rd and 4th) can take master`s courses if they have the required requirements. The Politecnico di Milano is organized into 12 departments responsible for planning research strategies and 6 schools responsible for the organization of teaching. Among these, 3 schools for the different sectors of engineering and 3 schools the fields of architecture and industrial design. Thanks to a strong internationalization policy, many programs are taught exclusively in English and attract an ever-increasing number of talented international students, who today form a diverse community of more than 100 different countries. In the 2010/2011 academic year, 22% of all students who took master`s courses in science were foreign.

Here are some program options offered for Global E3 students in certain fields for the 2014/2015 academic year. The requirements are also indicated. NOTE: Non-graduate students may be admitted to our English courses at the Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) level as long as they can prove that they have the required requirements. MSc in Architektur – Bovisa Campus MSc in Automation Engineering MSc in Biomedical Engineering MSc in Civil Engineering – Milano Leonardo Campus MSc in Civil Engineering for Risk Mitigation – Lecco Campus MSc in Electronics Engineering MSc in Energy Engineering MSc in Engineering MSc in Engineering For Computer Systems M Sc in Umwelt- und Geomatiktechnik – Como Campus MSc in Management Engineering – Como Campus MSc in Telecommunications Engineering The call for international mobility 2021/2022 is from November 17 to November 8. Open January 1 at 12 p.m. (European Time).