Wayleave Agreement Southern Electric

Across the UK, large metal electricity pylons have long been divided. You may have contact airline cables for nearby residential and residential areas. Some people consider it essential, others as unsightly and intrusive. Whatever point you see, the power must travel from the source to the destination in one way or another. But if you are devastated by power lines, pylons and poles, there may be a glimmer of money in the form of departure agreements or omission payments. We received a letter today about „underground electricity distribution cables that have been identified to be inside our property.“ This is the first time we have found road signs and found your site. We`re not sure we`re going to go on, every piece of advice. We didn`t know we had a cable under our property. Hello, I searched the UK Power Networks website for anything related to The Wayleave agreements and I found nothing.

Do you have a pre-formatted wayleave Agreement letter from Claims that can be sent to UK Power Networks? Thanks to power grid managers and landowners join an agreement called Wayleave Agreement for the use of a particular land by the network manager. Hello, we have been living in the same property in South Norfolk since 2003. We have a large mast on our land and every year we receive a payment from EDF for about 42 dollars. Then uk Power Networks and that continued, but during the closure I realized that we had no payment for a good or two year, so UKPN contacted and it was said that they were doing audits and audits and I would hear. Now they have started again with the recommendation that they go back to the payments, but asked me to sign to agree on $190 for the 15-year agreement or $21.61 a year. I asked why they were halving the amount and the answer was after review (even if no one came to visit) the pole is a 50% pole service, so reduce the amount. To me, it looks like a trial and cost savings for a company that makes millions of profits every year. Do I reluctantly accept or should I (can I) introduce myself? Sherwill Drake Forbes and Thomson Broadbent are independent rural specialists who provide support to those involved in wiring and path issues.