Wisp Service Agreement

PAYMENT PLAN. The subscriber is charged an installation fee and the corresponding rates for the speed of the wireless access service at the time of the first bill. The provider reserves the right to prepay for all devices connected to the first wireless internet installation. Wireless Internet Access Service charges are due and payable monthly in advance. If the monthly service charge is not paid until the 15th day of the month, the right is to temporarily separate the wireless internet access service without any liability. The provider is not responsible for business losses, telephone deners or Internet services from a disabled Internet account. A returned cheque is considered non-payment of the account. Payment of an outstanding balance is required to restore service and a $50 reconnection fee may be charged. If the service is not reconnected within seven (7) calendar days, the connection to the wireless internet is permanently cut off. In order to restore service after a permanent separation, payment of the entire unpaid balance, early termination fees and payment of new installation fees may be incurred.

[Sender.Company] believes that [Signer.Company] has the skills, qualifications and experience to provide the agreed services. The customer must terminate Total Highspeed (30) days of service termination. The customer receives a refund of a proportionate portion of the service charge if and only if there is a 30-day delay. The waiver of a delay by one of the contracting parties is not accepted as a waiver of a subsequent or prior delay of other provisions or provisions of the same Agreement. WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS AGREEMENT This online agreement is entered into by and between you, the subscriber (subscriber) and WISPWest.net LLC (provider) with offices in 1014 West Park #4, Livingston Montana 59047, to define the conditions under which the provider will provide wireless Internet service. All payments for service, leasing and/or installation must take the form of a main credit card, cash or cheques. If the customer does not return all rental devices to TH within 10 days of termination of the contract by one of the parties, the customer authorizes TH to file a tax on the customer`s credit card account, up to the replacement value of the unreturned rental equipment.