4 Agreements In Life

At the end of the day, it`s a daily struggle to respect the 4 fitness and life agreements. They are conceptually simple, but difficult in execution, if you dive into the everyday world, where temptations are abundant. On only 153 pages, Ruiz shares the „old Toltec wisdom,“ divided into four concise principles for life. I can`t control if I get about 10% body fat. I can`t control when I`m fluid. I can`t control when I`m a Salsa Jedi. I can`t control whether my next book will be a bestseller or if I have a book deal. I can`t control if my next article is viral or if the next person I meet changes his life because of what I said. Are you ready to conclude these four agreements? Once you do that, you can start making it a part of your daily life. Too much time is wasted on beliefs that make people unhappy. Let`s not waste any more time suffering.

The fourth agreement allows readers to have a better understanding of the progress made in achieving their goals in life. This agreement involves the integration of the first three agreements into daily life and the exploitation of its own potential. [8] It is a matter of doing the best that can be managed individually, which varies from the different situations and circumstances that the individual may encounter. Ruiz believes that if you judge yourself and do your best at all times, you will be able to avoid remorse. [10] By integrating the first three chords and doing the best in all facets of life, the individual will be able to lead a life without grief or self-awareness. [10] In the first part of this two-part video, we learn how the „domestication“ of men and how all the rules and values of our family and society are imposed on us by a system of punishment and reward. As young children, our true nature is to love and be happy, to explore and enjoy life; We are absolutely authentic. But then we learn to be what others think we should, and because it`s not normal that we are who we are, we start pretending we`re not what we`re not. When we are teenagers, we have learned to judge ourselves, to punish ourselves and to reward ourselves after agreements that we have never chosen. The four agreements help us break self-limitation agreements and replace them with agreements that bring us freedom, happiness and love. „If you`re used to taking nothing personally, you avoid a lot of trouble in your life. Your anger, jealousy and envy will disappear, and even your sadness will disappear if you do not take things personally. „Don Miguel Ruiz, I did my best to follow these agreements, and I can certainly say that it works.

The message of this book has helped me to reach a higher consciousness and bring more love and happiness into my life – I think it can do the same for you. Think of a recent event in your life that has caused you emotional pain. Then imagine this event from a „distant“ point of view; that is, try to detach yourself emotionally from the action — the reactions that were part of that event. With all that has been said, this book has played a big role in helping me get to where I am, where I move quickly. Here are the 4 fitness and life agreements. Are you interested in changing your life? Do you want more love and happiness? Well, there`s a lot of advice out there on how that can happen. But there is a book that really came home to me, and I want to tell what I learned, with the hope of spreading love and happiness to more people in the world.