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The following fees and fees are automatically added to each customer`s ticket and/or order. Your name, contact information and purchase information will be made available to the event organizer or transportation service for which you purchased tickets. For more information, please carefully read the privacy policy of the website We offer the ticketing software used to process ticket sales and tickets for events and ferry services listed on this site. We are not responsible for the safety, production, experience or cancellation of ferry services or events on our system. If you are not satisfied with your experience with an event or ferry service mentioned in the Share There system, you should speak to a valid event representative or ferry service in order to avoid unfair ticketing practices, event Promoter/Transportation Operators can set maximum values for the number of tickets purchased per person. Share-There is not responsible for these limits, nor are we able to circumvent them in any way. Any attempt or effective circumvention of these restrictions by another user or customer leads to the cessation of any subsequent use of share-there services and the cancellation of purchased tickets. Share-There is not liable for losses or damages resulting from an actual attempt or circumvention of these limits. You acknowledge and accept that the promotion of transportation events or services, the purchase and/or sale of tickets in involve inherent risks, including, but not limited, the risk of bodily or personal injury, death and property damage resulting from acts of negligence or omissions committed by other users or other parties. These acts or omissions may include, without limitation, the design, manufacture, maintenance and/or operation of motor vehicles/ferries; criminal or intentional misconduct by other users of the service; and other acts or omissions that cannot even be foreseeable at this time.

Users of Share-There services confirm that all the information available to us is complete and correct. Share-There uses Stripe to validate the billing information you provide us; However, if we are unable to do so, we reserve the right to cancel your tickets or prohibit you from using this site. Organizers and transportation service providers receive the proceeds from ticket sales directly to their own PayPal account. b) Share-There cannot offer refunds after buying a ticket. You must do everything in your power to create, produce and distribute marketing and promotional materials and/or create other means of marketing and advertising campaigns that indicate that tickets for your event or transportation service are available on the Share There website. c) the operator or transport operator is responsible for the availability and duration of the refund. Share-There assumes no responsibility to users for cancelled tickets, events, transportation services, funds or non-restitution. Regardless of other deadlines, Share-There is not considered an agent of a user, organizer or carrier.

All disputes between users, organizers and/or carriers must be resolved directly between these users, organizers or carriers. Share-There has no liability or liability of any kind arising from disputes between users, organisers and/or transport operators. Without limitation of the above, Share-There will have no responsibility or obligation to pass on or resolve such disputes.