Homes England Grant Funding Agreement

After the contract is executed, Homes England will pay the grant as follows: Availability – to ensure that the system can be delivered during the funding period, delivery capacity will take into account the state of planning, land ownership and progress of contracting at the time of the tender. We will also take into account the current performance of current partners and forecasts from similar programs for new partners. Offers are also tested on how they help local authorities meet local housing needs. If your application for assistance is approved, you must meet certain requirements before you can receive an affordable housing subsidy. We keep this page informed of specific dates for applications, information requirements and instructions for accessing promotion systems. After the funding is put in place, there will be a stakeholder engagement phase. Homes England will use it to develop its understanding of how it can support partners and its expectations in the size and scope of the strategic partnership proposals. „We are committed to working with a large number of developers to support innovation in the marketplace, and the funding agreed with Apex is an excellent example of how collaborative work can improve the availability, pace and quality of much-needed new housing. You don`t need to be an investment partner to make an offer, but you must have obtained investment partner status before grants can be paid. We will update this page with a link to information about eligibility criteria and application. If you are an existing investment partner, you do not need to reapply for a qualification for the 2021-2026 funding. To obtain financing, you must be a qualified investment partner of Homes England or work with an organization that is. In a consortium, only the lead organization needs investment partner status, unless other partners consider applying for the funding themselves.

The investment partner status confirms that organizations have the financial and technical capacity to implement their proposed system and that they have financial and legal capacity. Cost minimisation – the primary valuation metric is the home subsidy. This measure is measured 20/10 in terms of national, local and schematics to ensure the competitiveness of offers, both in terms of costs and production. The CME provides access to grants throughout the program, while funding remains available. On this route, suppliers can apply for funding for individual systems. All CME-funded actions must be launched on-site by September 30, 2025 and completed by March 31, 2026. Currently, the most affordable housing is built by housing companies, but we know that there is more ambition in untapped parts of the market. Homes England welcomes proposals from existing and new partners – housing companies, local authorities, property developers, for-profit businesses, municipally run organisations and others with ambitions to develop affordable housing, including those with which we have not worked so far. You can apply for help as an individual organization or as part of a partnership or consortium. For more information on consortium agreements, see the Capital Funding Guide. The social housing regulator will advise Homes England on whether a proposal to grant a subsidy to a registered provider will have a negative impact on the regulator`s decision on the organisation`s governance and financial viability.

Registered suppliers may be asked to provide additional information to the regulator in order to communicate the assessment if necessary. For partners who will be landlords of houses built with our financing to buy social or affordable rent and rent, you