Odoo Enterprise Subscription Agreement

Requests for assistance can be made online at any time via www.odoo.com/help, or by phone directly at the various Odoo SA offices, or when working with an Odoo Partner, the channel recommended by this partner, during the corresponding office hours. Projects (or modules) need the approval of the PSC contribution to join the association. The most important point is to have a real community behind your project, involving different companies, such as the local community for Odoo locations. Submit your work (project or team). For monthly subscriptions, the price of apps starts at $5 and $10 per user. For new customers offers a $2.5 discount on the initial number of users purchased. Subscriptions – Subscription Management and Recurring Billing How are subscriptions available, monthly or annual? What was included in the pricing of the company`s versions? The current governance model will define legal and related issues related to the inclusion of code in the association`s software projects. Currently, you can submit your sweater application for any corresponding OCA project. It is verified by the team owner and the community. For more information on the contributors` agreement, click here. You are allowed to use Odoo modules published under any license, provided their license is compatible with the terms of the Odoo Enterprise Edition License License License (Notably all modules published on the Odoo Apps Store on odoo.com/apps). Tickets can be submitted via the web form or phone numbers on odoo.com/help or by working with an Odoo partner, the channel provided by the partner, depending on local opening hours.

The Odoo Enterprise license is available for a fixed annual subscription based on the number of users. The warranty includes maintenance and migration services and WilldooIT will be able to degenerate any errors on Odoo. Odoo will correct these errors at no additional cost. Other requests for assistance, for example. B development or adaptation issues can be covered by the purchase of a separate service contract. While it is not clear whether an application falls within this agreement, the decision is left to Odoo SA`s discretion. The price of the Odoo subscription depends on the country or region where you have your seat and the number of users and apps you subscribe to. Prices start at $8 per user and apps start at $4. What is the price difference for monthly and annual subscriptions? There are three ways to host odoo, including: Odoo Online, Odoo.sh or On-Premises with your own infrastructure Standard fees for Odoo Enterprise subscription and services are based on the number of users and installed applications used by the customer and are defined in writing at the conclusion of the agreement.