Amicable Agreement

Friendly (relatively friendly, superlative the friendliest) In an email, Sala said the negotiations had been very friendly and both sides were motivated to reach an agreement. (Seattle Times) The adjective friendly means „friendly“ – but use it especially if you`re describing relationships that might otherwise be expected to be unfriendly. The end of a romantic relationship, less than friendly, could involve broken dishes or broken bones. Read more. Friendly refers to a kindness or kindness between people or groups. Amiable refers to the friendly predisposition of a person. A group may have a friendly encounter because the people there are friendly. The separation was consensual, Robbins said, with his former partner breaking the Even during the sale and returning to the music store. (New York Times) Friendship is used especially in relationships or agreements (especially legal proceedings such as divorce) whose importance ranges from simply „non-bellicose, consensual“ to „quite friendly“.

On the other hand, the same term is used kindly especially to mean „pleasant, kind“, such as a „kind smile“. [1] It was a relatively consensual divorce and at least they stay on their word. (BBC) Amiable also comes from late amicabilise, with a stop in old French as amiable before English assumes it. Some experts use kindly to describe only people, but amiable is also used to describe things that are sociable or pleasant, such as a kind tone. It is usually used for people: a former roommate described it as kind and talkative. (New York Times) From the late Latin amīcābilis („friendly“); you see with kind. As a tall, kind man, he wears a white helmet with „JOE“ as a faded marker on the front. (Washington Post) Friendly comes from the Latin amicabilis, for friendly, which can be attributed to the Latin amicus, for friend. Here are some nice examples: friendship refers to the bonds between people or things, such as a friendly situation with a crowd. Take out the „c“ for the crowd and you stay with kind, a friendly person. A friendly and pleasant person could be called friendly.

Cabin crew tend to be friendly. The people who watch the school cafeteria? Maybe not. Read more…