City Of Los Angeles Collective Bargaining Agreements

More up-to-date information may be available on paper (memoranda of understanding, transaction agreements, etc.) that may affect these published agreements. Please inquire with your union representative or district administration. It is the responsibility of the viewer/reader to ensure that they receive the appropriate information. The information contained and published on this page is used for informational purposes only. Official collective agreements are managed by the human resources department, bezirksamt. The City Manager has an individual employment contract with the city of La Palma and is an employee „after Belax“. In 2013, the city adopted a revised employers` resolution (2013-04) that provides for orderly procedures for the management of employer-labour relations between the city and its workers` organizations. Employee salaries and benefits are described in more detail on the Job Description and Salaries page, on the „Staff Compensation“ page or in subsequent documents. City leaders are not represented by a formal association or memorandum of understanding; However, a comprehensive agreement is under way to establish a list of salaries, staff practices and benefits for managers. This association represents sworn and civilian officers in a wide range of police classifications, including police officers, police officers, police officers, police officers, police investigators and civilian investigators.

This association represents a large number of classifications, including: administrative secretaries, personnel specialists, maintenance workers, recreation coordinators, office assistants and water workers. Note: You need the Adobe Reader® plug-in to view documents. Class Title/MOU Table and General Manager Salary Ranges (pdf) The city of La Palma employs around 55 full-time employees, represented by three recognised workers` organisations: the La Palma General Employees Association (LPGEA), the La Palma Police Association (LPPA) and the La Palma Professional Employees Association (LPPEA). In addition, there are about 7 executives, the City Manager and various part-time employees who are not represented by a formal organization. Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) between the city and workers` organizations. This association represents a large number of professional or prudential classifications, including: Accounting Manager, City Clerk / Executive Assistant, Maintenance Supervisor, Management Analyst and Water Supervisor. . .