Iata Standard Ground Handling Agreement 2013 Pdf

3 Contact with the carrier`s designated representative Check the availability and availability of third-party personnel, equipment, cargo and documentation. Join the planes on arrival and contact the crew. It`s up to you to decide which things are not routine. Check the sending of the declarations of exploitation. Note the irregularities and inform the carrier. Station management Provision of a representative on behalf of the air carrier who (a) does not act exclusively (b) Handling is authorized to represent the interests of the carrier with regard to the resolution of government and local affairs Participation in local airport meetings on behalf of the carrier (a) Report to carriers Results/Content of meetings (b) Law, VOTING and undertaking on behalf of the carrier HANDLING has the right to request services on behalf of the carrier, a) b) of the negotiation (c), the expenditure/commitment limit to be set out in Annex B 1. Airport lounges 2. 5 2. Persons with reduced mobility (PRMs) 3. Vips.

4. Transit without passenger visa (TWOV). 5. Deportees. 6. Special medical transport 7. other, as set out in Annex B. (a) provision of assistance to passengers in the event of flight interruption, delay or cancellation. This assistance includes: 1. Meal vouchers 2. Change of reservation 3. Transport 4.

Hotel Accommodation 5. Staff Arrange baggage storage in the customs warehouse (a) Inform the carrier of complaints and claims from the carrier`s passengers. (b) handling of such complaints in accordance with Annex B. Notification to the carrier of irregularities found in the handling of passengers and baggage. (a) Provision (b) Agree 1. Check-in counter 2. Counter(s) 3. Transfer counter(s) 4.

Lounge facilities 5. Implementation of carrier-specific items, such as.B. Carpets, mobile signage, queue control bars 6. other entities listed in Annex B Perform the following ticketing/sales functions (a) Reservations (b) Issuance of transport documents (c) Ancillary services (d) e-Ticketing(s) other departures as described in Appendix B Perform processing before the flight Check and (a) ensure that the tickets for the flight(s) are valid. 10 Direct arrival of passengers through checks at the airline`s departure services. Unload the luggage from the connecting transport, as indicated by the rail, road or sea company, and transfer it to the carrier`s airport services. SECTION 3. RAMP SERVICES Luggage luggage in 1. Baggage sorting area. 2. Other Location(s) in accordance with Annex B Preparation for the delivery of flights (a) mass baggage (b) ULDs (c) baggage accepted at a location in accordance with Annex B Determine the number and/or weight of (a) mass baggage (b) mounted and provide the information to the cargo control unit (a) mass baggage (b) ULD. Prioritize baggage delivery in the claim area.

Delivery to the claim area (a) Baggage (b) Baggage not within lane range (OGG) Transfer Baggage (a) Provide (b) 1. Sorting of transfer luggage. 2. Storage of transfer baggage prior to shipment (storage time indicated in Appendix B). 7 Check-in area 2. Living room 3. Transfer counter 4. Door 5. from the airport 6.

other checked baggage (b) hand baggage for the first flight in accordance with Annex B day (a) 2. Tracking flight(s). In the following locations: a) check-in area (b) lounge (c) transfer counter (d) Gate(s) outside the airport (f) other operations for the transport of hold baggage effects to the baggage sorting area, as set out in Annex B: a) check-in area (b) (c) Transfer counter (d) Door(s) other hold baggage transport operations (OOG) in accordance with Annex B to the baggage sorting area At the following locations: a) Check-in area (b) Lounge (c) Transfer counter (d) Gate(s) other, in accordance with Annex B Airport pick-up and/or other service charges for departing passengers At the following locations: a) check-in area (b) lounge (c) transfer counter (d) door(s) other than that of Annex B (a) Implementation of the air carrier`s allocation or selection system (b) issuance of boarding passes (c) flight coupons usable for the 1st. . .