Simple Present Tense Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets

An important rule is that in the present tense, subjects and verbs must match in number. This means that, depending on the subject, the verb has either an s at the end or no. Here`s a simple formula: Put the correct shape of the cover in parentheses in space according to the topics. Find and highlight themes and verbs in the paragraph below. The verbs should all be present. Correct issues with subject-verb compliance. Learn to use frequency adverbians to describe how often we do things. Example: (sings.) (sings.) (Plural) (Plural) Deborah Tannen (says that women and men speak differently). For each question, choose the answer you think is correct. Dr.

Miller states in his article that men and women are emotionally and physically different. She thinks men avoid emotional problems, but women are more compassionate and sensitive. .