Thrifty Rental Agreement

• The daily fee is $13.99 per day, maximum $98.00 per rent, plus taxes and fees. 5.1 Before picking up the vehicle, you must pay the estimated rental fee by an accepted payment method, except: a) all rental fees agreed to by us are debited from a Thrifty Charge account, in which case such estimated rental fee is debited from the Thrifty Charge account corresponding to that date; (b) all rental fees paid in advance by you to Thrifty, in which case all prepaid amounts are charged against the estimated rental fee; or (c) all rental fees covered by a valid rental voucher accepted by Thrifty and issued by a third party with whom you have booked your rent. 1.1 The contract (rental agreement) that you have concluded with us includes the rental document which describes the details of the rental of the vehicle (rental details), each report on the condition of the vehicle, these rental conditions (general conditions of sale) and the Linkt conditions of sale. When we refer to the „Rental Agreement“, we mean the rental details document, the vehicle condition report and these Terms and Conditions of Sale. Below are the monthly mileage limits for each 21-day rental. Energy Supplement – Separated from the refueling costs of leased vehicles, energy costs represent a significant portion of Thrifty`s operating costs. To offset the significant costs associated with incidentals, bus fuel, oil and fat and the resulting costs, Thrifty charges an energy supplement separately.