How to Sign Nsfas New Bursary Agreement

If you`ve been awarded a bursary from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), congratulations! However, now comes the important task of signing the bursary agreement. Here`s a step-by-step guide on how to sign the NSFAS new bursary agreement.

Step 1: Check your email inbox

After you`ve been awarded the bursary, NSFAS will send you an email with a link to access and sign the bursary agreement. Check your email inbox – including your spam folder – for this email. The email will come from NSFAS, and the subject line will read „NSFAS Bursary Agreement and Schedule of Particulars“.

Step 2: Follow the link

Click on the link provided in the email. This will take you to a secure portal where you`ll be able to view and sign the bursary agreement.

Step 3: Read the agreement thoroughly

Before you sign the agreement, make sure you read it thoroughly. The agreement will outline the terms and conditions of the bursary, including your responsibilities as a bursary recipient. Be sure to understand all of the information presented before proceeding to sign.

Step 4: Sign the agreement electronically

Once you`ve read and understood the bursary agreement, you`ll need to sign it electronically by typing in your name and surname in the appropriate fields. This serves as your electronic signature, so make sure you use your legal name.

Step 5: Submit the agreement

After signing the agreement, click on the „submit“ button. This will send the agreement back to NSFAS for their records.

Step 6: Keep a copy

After submitting the agreement, you`ll be able to download a copy for your records. It`s important to keep a copy of this agreement in case you need to reference it in the future.

In conclusion, signing the NSFAS new bursary agreement is an essential step for receiving funding for your studies. By following these six simple steps, you`ll be able to complete this process quickly and efficiently. Good luck with your studies!